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Beauty is not just about the hair and face, but also the nails and other parts of the body. There are many women who have a problem with growing their nails to a fashionable length for various reasons. This may include brittle nails, working conditions, lifestyles, or inability to overcome their habit of biting their nails. Whatever the reason, long nails remain an envy for many.

However, to help them overcome this and enjoy the beauty of long nails, there is the option of nail extensions. These are artificial nails that are fixed on top of the natural nail. As and when the base nail grows out, the gap is filled with the artificial nail material.

Maintaining Nail Extensions:

Getting something fashionable done is not difficult, but finding the right technician and stylist to provide quality and affordability can be.

Nail extensions, especially acrylic and ultraviolet gel extensions, are strong and durable under various conditions. Yet aftercare and maintenance needs to be done in order to ensure maximum life span of the artificial nail enhancements.

When cared for and with regular maintenance, nail extensions can last up to three months. To maintain the fullness of the nails and to keep their perfect appearance, we do recommend that they be retouched every two to three weeks.

Nail Extension Porcelain£40.00
Cuticles work, nails shape, tips, porcelain and top coat gel application.
Nail Extension Gel£55.00
Cuticles work, nails shape, tips, gel application.
Nail extension and Gel removal £15.00
Tip repair porcelain and gel £5.00
Cuticles work, nails shape and foil application.

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