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Welcome to Art Brasil Beauty & Aesthetic

Dear Client,

My name is Melissa Thompson-Rowlands I am Brazilian and British citizen living and working in England more than fifteen years.
When I decided to change my career twenty five years ago, I had no idea how satisfying this new journey would be.
Working in this beauty industry, I learned so much about the importance of care about ourselves, it helps us in physical and mental health, makes us feel good, feeds our self-love and raises our self-esteem.
When I moved to England, I brought with me the love for my profession and the desire to provide to all my clients with a personalized service which would make a difference in they lifes.

I am qualified as a Masseuse, Aesthetics, Mesotherapist, Microblading therapist, Reflexologist and Beauty therapist, by having all these qualifications i can deliver different treatments to my clients in a single day, without stress, the clients can re-connect with themselves and enjoy the relaxing pleasureable day.
You are unique and special to me and whatever treatment you choose it is important to me to provide you with a service that ensures you feel valued, relaxed and happy!

Looking forward to meeting you!