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Hot Stone Massage

The warm basalt stones are used to massage in combination with organic oils for a deeply relaxing full body massage. Stones are placed on vital energy points to improve energy levels and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Hot stone therapy could help Grounding, balancing and releasing blocked tension and stress, Refreshes the mind body and soul, Promotes a sense of wellbeing, Respiration is increased and then slowed down, enabling the client to go into a deeper state of relaxation, Circulation is improved, Increased nutrition to the muscles, Increases metabolism, the rate at which the body processes food, burns energy and clears toxins, Increases cell metabolism, the rate at which the body manufactures chemicals such as hormones, Increases lymph function which can detoxify and boost the immune system, Muscle tension released, and improves range of movement , Reduction of inflammation, Balancing energy levels very quickly by the use of alternating temperatures, Produce an analgesic effect, Muscular aches and pains, Poor circulation, Rheumatic and arthritic conditions, Fibromyalgia, Back pain, Stress, anxiety and tension, Insomnia.

Body massage60min £65.00
Full body massage 90min£80.00