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Henna Eyebrow

Henna (also known as Mehndi) is a plant-derived natural organic pigment that has been used for centuries as body art and hair dye. Today Henna is being used to tint eyebrows – it stains the skin and dyes the brow hairs – it is a quick and effective replacement to the daily application of eyebrow makeup to give a defined look to eyebrows ALL day long!
Henna lasts anywhere between one to four weeks.  It all depends on a few factors – the amount of eyebrow hair, skin type, body part, and lifestyle. It is perfect for those who have a minimalist routine but want great looking eyebrows.
Natural henna/brown henna is safe. Natural Henna is perfect for sensitive skin types with zero pain and downtime. Some Henna also contains the chemical Para-phenylenediamine PPD and we recommend a patch test is carried out before having henna or any other tint applied to your skin.



Henna Eyebrow£35.00